Joomla Mic Drop
Wow. Well this is getting interesting.
 I guess when Joomla says "free," they really mean it now. Free as is freedom, free as in beer, and now, free as in free unlimited parking at the pub too.

In an unexpected move, the Joomla! CMS Project announced today that starting "very soon," they will be offering a free hosting option for new sign-ups. Joomla's new contract with partner SiteGround commences in September, 2014, though at the time of this post, it is still unclear whether the new "free hosting" option will begin right away. 

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Sometimes, we here at the CMS Connection report on people and companies "on the move" up, sometimes, we report when they're on the way down. This one's about the latter...

Thanks for the memories, Justin.TV. It was one heck of a ride for this start-up, which kickstarted a whole business sector into the spotlight back in 2007, when Justin Kan and his buds started doing live video webcasts, documenting "a day in the life" of the founder and his posse. This story has a happy end to the chapter, of course, since Google purchased justin.tv (now branded "twitch")... for the nice, round sum of ONE BILLION DOLLARS (a sum even Doctor Evil would appreciate), to empower gamers to record their conquests. Oh, jason.tv, how you'll be mis-- OK, NEXT!

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by Izhar Firdaus

Back when I co-founded Inigo, one of my primary motivations was to create an Open Source company which:

  • Provide quality Open Source solution for Malaysian market (in this case, KM & CMS solution)
  • Work closely with upstream on improving the products supported by the company (in this case, Plone)
  • Actively develop local talents and human resource on Open Source skills, following pure Open Source philosophy
  • Actively create new innovation for the market related to our core solutions
  • Scale the company up that it become a prominent player on its core market

Unfortunately, over the years, none of the goals were reached. Due to our business model approach, ended up as a company which primarily focus on developing client-specific add-ons on top of Plone. The projects were fun, and challenging, however, due to a poor support and pricing model, the business unable to scale and we ended up in a hamster wheel of non-stop trying to catch up to pay the bills.

Mistakes include:

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New York, NY – August 6, 2014 – With its latest fast track release available for download, Nuxeo, provider of the Nuxeo Platform, a highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications, today announced open access to the nuxeo.io trial, native integration with MongoDB, and Nuxeo Studio user experience improvements.

New features and improvements in Fast Track 5.9.5 include:

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If you're in the editorial or content marketing world, you can't have missed this scathing smack-down of Native Advertising, by HBO's "Last Week Tonight" host, John Oliver. Every minute of this eleven minute bit strikes to the heart of every publisher who has sold their editorial soul by auctioning off their reputation to content marketers, as they seek ill-gotten legitimacy in the marketplace.

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Companies are using LinkedIn for increasing brand awareness, boost sales and for generating new leads. Now you can manage your LinkedIn company page right from Kentico.

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Joomla 3 Explained Book by Steve Burge
We released Joomla! Explained almost exactly three years ago. That guide to Joomla 2.5 became the best-selling and best-reviewed Joomla book.

Now, we're delighted to announce a new edition of the book: Joomla 3 Explained. The book has been almost completely re-written to deal with Joomla 3. Joomla 3 Explained will be available at the beginning of August.

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Karla Santi becomes CEO at South Dakota's Blend InteractiveKarla Santi moves up from Creative Director to CEO at South Dakota's Blend Interactive

The team at Blend Interactive announced the recent appointment of Karla Santi as their CEO. Blend is an 18-person interactive agency, based in one of my all-time favorite parts of the country, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ms. Santi had been a Partner and Creative Director with Blend since the company's founding in 2005. 

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Ars Logica Compass Guide - Magnolia 5.0

Magnolia CMS is on a new trajectory of late, with their recent 5.0 release. Check out the Ars Logica Compass Guide for a 3rd party evaluation of 5.0 from both a marketer's and technologist's perspective.


Alfresco Partner Award Winners

Alfresco comes alive with our partner solutions – our partner ecosystem continues to grow with more partners building Alfresco based solutions.

Last month we celebrated top partners in the Americas at a Partner Training event held at our US Headquarters in San Mateo.  It’s always great to get partners together with our Executive, Engineering and Sales teams – the result is always more focus around solutions that can deliver greater value to our customers.

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Eat Right Missouri website uses Joomla CMS

CMS Site: Missouri Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
URL: www.EatRightMissouri.org
Developer / Integrator: CNP Integrations
Powered by: Joomla! CMS


Are you falling farther behind with legacy technology

Six years ago, I was at a leading Enterprise CMS vendor’s technology conference and the keynote presentation from the CTO was pretty straightforward: "CMS is boring."  That’s all he said.  Dutifully, we all laughed.

It was intended to be amusing and to a certain degree it was.  But it was also, perhaps, more honest than the vendor realized.

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This just in from Arc Technology Group:

The internet is rapidly becoming dominated by mobile usage. When we speak about Mobile First, we emphasize that applications and websites should be first and foremost developed from the perspective of mobile phones, then tablets, and finally laptops/desktops.

Key information and results that are critical for your business, need to be front and center. Websites and applications need to account for slower bandwidth through optimizing code, media, and database access. An information architecture around optimized performance and content needs to be thought out to be successful. Using architecture and tools that maximize mobile potential: responsive design, Twitter Bootstrap, Joomla CMS will help you succeed.

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Moving to Acquia

As posted on his personal blog and his business site, starting October 6, Jeff Geerling will be working for Acquia as a Technical Architect in their Professional Services group. As Jeff points out, Hosted Apache Solr, and Server Check.in, his current projects won't change much,"they will continue on, likely at the same pace of development they've been for the past year or so (I'll work on them when I get an odd hour or two...). I am still working on completing Ansible for DevOps, and will actually be accelerating my writing schedule prior to starting the new job, since I'll have a little wedge of free time..." Congratulations go out to Jeff on the move.

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Chris Justice - Magnolia Head of Marketing

Chris Justice recently made the move from a creative digital agency he founded in Austin, Texas, called Sparksight, to Basel, Switzerland's Magnolia CMS. He is now their Head of Marketing.


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