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Drupal 8

In my travels to talk about Drupal, everyone asks me about Drupal 8's performance and scalability. Modern websites are much more dynamic and interactive than 10 years ago, making it more difficult to build modern sites while also being fast. It made me realize that maybe I should write up a summary of some of the most exciting performance and scalability improvements in Drupal 8. After all, Drupal 8 will leapfrog many of its competitors in terms of how to architect and scale modern web applications. Many of these improvements benefit both small and large websites, but also allow us to build even bigger websites with Drupal.

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Get ready, http/2 is done.

The IESG has formally approved the HTTP/2 and HPACK specifications, and they’re on their way to the RFC Editor, where they’ll soon be assigned RFC numbers, go through some editorial processes, and be published.

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Thanks for the memories! CMS Expo

After a lot of thought, we're both sad and relieved today we finally came to an agreement that it's time to close the curtains on the CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference. It's been an exciting run, and financially successful too, but the event has gotten so big that it became a full-time (and then some) job for us both, year-round. While it's been incredibly gratifying, that wasn't in our master plan.

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The show is also available on Youtube, or live on Google Hangouts. Topics range from Karen’s thoughts on “chunky content,” the latest updates in Composer and introducing eZ Publish Platform 5.4 with our own Roland Benedetti.

Be sure to download the podcast so you can take your eZ learning with you on the go. Stay tuned for more great content from the Netgen team.

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Jahia secures $22.5M in funding

Jahia announced today the completion of a $22.5 million dollar round of funding fully subscribed by NY-based Invus, an equity investor focused on transformational opportunities. Jahia was advised by investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co. One of the largest first rounds of external financing for a company in this industry will enable Jahia to fuel growth and expand global reach.

In thier press release, Jahia says this funding round will "profoundly transform the market and help Jahia become the reference User Experience Platform, the new generation of Enterprise software for mobile and digital agility"

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MODX Revolution 2.3.3

Today we released Revolution 2.3.3. This patch release includes more than 40 fixes and improvements. Here are just some of the highlights of Revolution 2.3.3:

Fixed Context settings remove and update from window Fixed autoredirect after creating new User Fixed @INHERIT binding in TVs Fixed showing lock tree icon for locked Resources Added option to delete property from Property Set using the UI Fixed showing Rich Text Editor in all resource types For a complete list of changes in Revo 2.3.3 view the changelog

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Sunset for Ektron, New Day for EPiServer

Stockholm-based EPiServer and Nashua, New Hampshire-based Ektron today announced the two companies have merged to create a new global digital experience leader of scale, with potent technology capabilities and a broad partner ecosystem. The combined company is backed by technology-focused private equity investment firm Accel-KKR. Layoffs at Ektron have already begun.

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Date: Monday, January 19 2015 08:13 AM From: markb

Analytics are a hot technology today, and it is easy to see why. They have the power to transform facts into strategic insights that deliver intelligence “in the moment” for profound impact. Think “Moneyball” and the Oakland A’s in 2002, when Billy Bean hired a number-crunching statistician to examine their odds and changed the game of baseball forever. Across the board—from sports analysis to recommending friends to finding the best place to eat steak in town, analytics are replacing intelligence reports with algorithms that can predict behavior and make decisions. It can create that 1% advantage that creates the 100% difference between winning and losing. 

Analytics represent the next frontier in deriving value from information, which is why I’m pleased to announce that OpenText has recently acquired Actuate to enhance its portfolio of products. With powerful predictive analytics technology, Actuate complements our existing information management and B2B integration offerings by allowing organizations to analyze and visualize a broad range of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

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Backdrop CMS 1.0 Launches

Today is a much anticipated day. Some said it would never come. Others said that if it did come it could ultimately mean nothing. Still others, and myself, believe that it is a red-letter date that will be long celebrated as the day that Backdrop CMS 1.0 was launched.

Backdrop CMS is a comprehensive CMS for non-profits and small to medium sized businesses. Not inconsequentially, it is a Drupal fork.

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Try something bold and new in 2015

It’s January, the perfect month for you to make bold new moves to grow your audience, close more sales and stay ahead. And ‘corePHP’ is here to take the plunge with you!

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It should come as no surprise that when businesses consider shifting from on premise software to SaaS, cost savings for software, hardware, installation, and maintenance usually top the list of drivers. Cost savings are easy to quantify.
Authored by: Jane Zupan
OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced that, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Asteroid Acquisition Corporation, it has successfully completed its acquisition of Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), the leader in personalized analytics and insights. Actuate brings powerful analytics to the OpenText portfolio of products that (...More)
Authored by: Open Text Press Releases

You can still make an important contribution to Drupal 8. Drupal Global Sprint 2015-New England takes place this Saturday, January 17, from 10 AM to 5 PM at Genuine in Boston. Acquia is co-sponsoring the event and we invite you to RSVP and jump into the community.


Lullabot has a new monthly show, hosted by Matthew Tift, featuring in-depth interviews with open source and free software advocates.

This inaugural episode of Hacking Culture introduces the idea of software forking, one of the fundamental characteristics of free software, and Matthew talks with Nate Haug about Backdrop, a Drupal fork.

Backdrop CMS Drupalize.Me Podcast 26: Backdrop: A Drupal Fork GNU General Public License (GPL) GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) Sustainability of Open Source software communities beyond a fork: How and why has the LibreOffice project evolved?

paGO Commerce For Joomla goes live

The launch of this new e-commerce suite is one of the big reasons I joined the team at 'corePHP' this year, to help with the launch of a brand-new e-commerce software brand that's been long overdue in the Joomla CMS world. I first heard about paGO Commerce (it was still un-named back then) almost four years ago from the partners at the 'corePHP' team, while they were at one of our annual CMS Expo technology events that I'm fortunate to host and produce.

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