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About The CMS Connection

A Little History About The CMS Connection

in 2008, The CMS Connection was launched not as a blog or news site, but  as a live Meetup for web designers and developers, created by John and Linda Coonen, partners of the event production company, Coffee Group Inc.The event attracted 65-100 people quarterly to meet for several hours in learning and business sessions.

We shared what was new and changing, to compare notes, especially between the "big four" open source CMSs - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and DNN. The main focus was on Joomla CMS.

Folks from various meetup groups met to compare notes, share business cards and make sure we were on top of what was coming next. One of our quarterly meetings is held at the CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference, Coffee Group's production for web pros, held since 2008.

In 2010, The Coffee Group moved The CMS Connection Online, specifically for attendees of CMS Expo to connect before, during and after the event, to connect and share business opportunities.

In 2011, the site added blog content, and expanded its online grouping and forum capabilities, as well as a professional directory.

In 2012, the CMS Connection moved off the CMS Expo site to its own domain. The professional directory was expanded, to help people compare and choose CMSs that are best suited for their particular applications. Over 300 news and blogposts were created to cover various CMSs.

In 2013, we re-designed The CMS Connection to make the site easier to navigate, and less cluttered. We also streamlined its focus, zeroing in on CMS-related news and views. While the "community" aspects were an interesting experiment, it wasn't heavily used, as users had more than enough connectivity via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. So, that social networking function of the service was halted, opting to focus all attention on providing quality, focused CMS content. We grew to over 1,600 articles, on 28 different CMSs.

In 2014, we added an Events listing to The CMS Connection, to let people know what live events are going on

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